Bessie Armstrong

Things That Can Help Your Child’s Catholic High School Application

If you've had your child in public school but want them to be in Catholic high school, the application process will be important. Different school districts have their own application requirements for children who wish to enroll. For example, it's common for students to need to have been baptized and have documentation to prove it. Given that there are a limited number of spaces available in your local school district, you need your child to do all that they can to have a successful application. Read More 

Moving? 3 Tips For Selecting A School For Your High School Student

Whether you are moving to a new part of the city or a different city, the home you choose might be influenced by public schools in the area. When you are making the choice between school zones or districts, there are certain features that can prove beneficial for your high school student. Look for College-Prep Schools Schools that would benefit your college-bound student do not always have to participate in International Baccalaureate programs or have other special labels, such as magnet programs. Read More 

Preparing For Private School: How To Transition Smoothly

More than 5.3 million children are enrolled in private schools across the U.S., according to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE). If your child is about to become one of the many pre-k through grade 12 students who attend private learning institutions, preparing for the school year is absolutely essential. Whether it's your child's first year in the school, she's been attending for the past few years or she's moving mid-year, check out the ways you can help to make this transition run smoothly: Read More 

Some Things You Need To Know About Pepping For The SAT

As you start preparing for college and graduation from high school there is no doubt that you are thinking about taking an entrance exam such as the SAT. This test will play an important role in your entrance to college so it is vital that you take it seriously. Here are some things you need to know about preparing for the SAT. 1. Take The Test Early One of the biggest mistakes students make is that they wait too long to take the SAT. Read More 

Teaching at a Private School

Teachers make a big decision when choosing to work at a public or private school. Both options have many positives and negatives. This is a closer look at teaching at a private school.  Benefits of Teaching in Private Schools Small Class Sizes Private schools have an average class size of 10–12 children. In contrast, public schools have an average class size of 25–30 children. Smaller class sizes are generally due to smaller schools. Read More