Services Every Homeschooling Parent Should Use

As a homeschooling parent, you will notice there are several options available to you depending on your state. Even though each state is different regarding curriculum and how that curriculum can be taught, there are still some basic guidelines that you should follow. Several of the guidelines can be met with the use of homeschooling services. These are a few of those services and why every homeschooling parent should use them. 

Attendance Services

Attendance is a vital part of the homeschool guidelines in most states. The attendance policy for the number of days attended may vary. However, keeping attendance records and related logs is something that can benefit your homeschooling. There are homeschooling services that provide you with either the paperwork and printable logs you can maintain yourself or with an online digital log of your child's attendance. This type of service will allow you to log many of the key pieces of information a school district or state may ask for as proof of attendance. 

Enrollment Assistance

When you think of homeschooling, you may not think there is an enrollment process. The truth is, there are several steps that have to be taken in order to legally move your child from a public school system to homeschool. In some states, this may require a form that declares your intent to homeschool. This form will let the school board know of your intent to remove your child from school and enroll them in homeschool. It will also detail the information about the student and any other required information for your state. Service providers tend to offer this service once per year along with other related enrollment paperwork for your state. 

Testing and Placement Services

Many states require testing each year. Even if your state does not require testing, testing in order to place your child in the proper grade level can be useful. Also, maintaining records of testing each year can show the progress your child is making each year and what topics may need more work. It is a vital tool for preparing the curriculum for the next year and for showing the current curriculum track you are on. 

If you are in need of any of these services, or if you have specific services you need, contact your area homeschool groups and co-ops. They can guide you to the services available in your state or nationally. They can also help answer any questions for new arrivals to homeschool. In addition, these groups can act as an ongoing support for your homeschooling life.