Things That Can Help Your Child’s Catholic High School Application

If you've had your child in public school but want them to be in Catholic high school, the application process will be important. Different school districts have their own application requirements for children who wish to enroll. For example, it's common for students to need to have been baptized and have documentation to prove it. Given that there are a limited number of spaces available in your local school district, you need your child to do all that they can to have a successful application. Here are some things that can help your child send in a well-rounded Catholic high school application.

A Letter from a Priest

It may be helpful for your child to get a letter from your family's priest that details the role that your child has in the local Catholic community. For example, if your child is an active participant at the church, and perhaps also works as a youth leader at church, a letter to this effect from a religious official can go a long way toward helping the child's application. Other children may be seeking such letters, too, so think about asking for this document well in advance of the application deadline so that there's no trouble getting it in time.

Proof of Involvement in the Catholic Community

Outside of church, your child's role in the local Catholic community may help his or her high school application. For example, perhaps your child volunteers for a few hours each week to help a Catholic-focused charity. A letter from the person who oversees this charity can be instrumental in bolstering the high school application. Or, maybe your child has worked as a youth leader at a local Catholic summer camp in July of the last few summers. A letter from the camp leader will also be valuable in this situation.

Family Connections

It's also worth determining if family connections may improve your child's chance of getting accepted at the local Catholic high school. There are many different types of family connections to highlight. It could be something as simple as the child's two older siblings currently attend the school. Or, you might note that you attended the school as a teenager and that your parent was a teacher. The more connections that you can note, the more that they may help your child with the application process — hopefully resulting in hearing about a successful application.