Moving? 3 Tips For Selecting A School For Your High School Student

Whether you are moving to a new part of the city or a different city, the home you choose might be influenced by public schools in the area. When you are making the choice between school zones or districts, there are certain features that can prove beneficial for your high school student.

Look for College-Prep Schools

Schools that would benefit your college-bound student do not always have to participate in International Baccalaureate programs or have other special labels, such as magnet programs. The most important part of college preparation will be the core classes available to students. Schools with a wide variety of science, math, computer, and technology classes, and that also include honors options, will benefit your child the most. In addition to the courses offered, you also want to consider what the school does to increase your child's interest in college and their acceptance into a college. Schools with more emphasis on college-prep tend to have special sessions for the PSAT and SAT, which includes mock tests and prep classes.

Don't Over-Emphasize AP Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are often popular among students who want to pursue college. Although these classes can be helpful in boosting your child's GPA, if they do well, because they tend to be worth more GPA points than standard classes, they are not essential. There are many ways over-emphasis of AP classes can go wrong. Of course, the overall goal is for your child to do well, whether they take standard or honors versions of their classes. If your child performs poorly in an AP class, it could be more detrimental than doing well in a standard class. Additionally, doing well in the class and scoring high enough to earn college credit on the AP test are completely different. Nothing is guaranteed with AP classes, and forgoing one school because they do not have as many AP options may not be the best decision.

Consider Diversity

Diversity in classes and experiences should be an important part of high school Although you may have goals for your child to attend college, it may not be what they want, or they want to explore other long-term options. Whenever possible, try choosing a school or school district that is rich in diverse classes, such as art, music, and journalism. Some schools have more of a vocational focus, so students may learn about cosmetology, paramedicine, or other fields when they are upperclassmen. Generally, children who have the opportunity to attend classes or extra-curricular activities that more closely align with their interests will have a better experience and do well in school.

Zoning for high schools or an entire school district can influence your moving decision. Before you reach the final decision, make sure you are basing your decision on the right factors.