Focus On These Things When Looking For Private High Schools

In order to be accepted into a great college, students must do well in high school. Quality education private schools can provide a strong foundation for college-bound students, but only if you select one that is a good fit for your student and your family. Focus on the following things to get a better idea of whether a particular school is suitable.


Unlike public high schools, with a private school, you already know that you are fully expected to pay the school's tuition and purchase uniforms if your child is accepted, whatever those costs may be. You and your spouse might be figuring out how to budget for those expenses. What you may not realize is that a lot of private schools ask their families to join in fundraisers for any number of school expenses. While fundraising is not unusual in some public schools, there may be more pressure to participate in fundraising activities because of the school's need for private funds.

Make sure you ask whether your family will be required to take part in a certain number of fundraisers so that you can plan for those costs too. You might also want to inquire about the general financial stability of a particular private school so that you need not worry that you'll have to find another school if the one you select cannot sustain itself.

Their College Claims

When you open up a brochure or attend private high school informational sessions, you are sure to hear boasts about their particular school's graduation rates and grade point averages of their student body. However, because you hope your child will head off to college, what you must pay attention to are any claims about college attendance that a school provides.

If they say that their students attend the Top 10 colleges in the nation, you need to get more specific. How many of their students go to Top 10 schools--two kids from last year's graduating class, or a full quarter of every graduating class for the past decade? Your goal should be to get the schools to back up their marketing skills with actual facts about their school that could propel your child to success.

Finding an appropriate private school for your child can be easier when you concentrate on the topics laid out here. Ask admission staff members about any additional reasons that their school could be a great match for your child.